Core Shapes & Sizes

Core Shapes & Sizes
Core Shape Core Size
Drum DR6 to DR12
EDR Core EDR20 to EDR39
EE EE10.5 to EE100
EFD EFD6.2 to EFD33
EI EI28 to EI40
EP EP5 to EP17
EPC EPC10 to EPC30
ER ER9.5 to ER42
ET ET20 to ET35
ETD ETD29 to ETD59
I I30 to I93
Pot  P9 to P18
PQ PQ20 to PQ50
RM RM4 to RM14
Toroids T06 to T140
UT UT20 to UT30
UU UU10 to UU141
Planer Cores EE43
Iron Powder Cores SFT50 to SFT184
Sendust Cores T27.7 to T78.9